What Casts the Shadow?

Brandon Chane is an artistic visionary, a profoundly gifted young musician and poet. He is also deeply troubled, and seemingly at the mercy of dark forces that threaten to tear his life apart. He has risked all of his fragile hopes upon the fate of his band, Edge of the Known, and the dream of following his Muse.

Here he narrates the incredible journey that begins when he meets Saul Mason, an enigmatic soul-guide who insists that Brandon’s life and destiny are of his own making. Saul’s wisdom and guidance sets Brandon upon a path of spiritual awakening; and this inner transformation reverberates not only within his own life but also within the lives of all the hungry, searching souls who are touched by his music…

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Trust in the Unseen

Following the rigors of their self-made tour of the West, the members of the groundbreaking and volatile band Edge of the Known - "hands down, craziest band on Earth" - have an unprecedented chance to finally expose their music to the world. Unfortunately, singer/guitarist Brandon Chane, founder member and erratic genius of the group, is weathering a spiraling trip through an abyss of heartbreak and despair.

His personal pain threatens to derail his band's progress even as it fuels some of its most incendiary songs. To further complicate matters, his mentor, Saul Mason, is weathering his own personal crisis and no longer appears as the all-knowing spiritual savant that Brandon first perceived him to be.

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Humanity's Way Forward

"The echoes of those scars can clearly be heard in Edge of the Known's music. But one can also discern, quite distinctly, that other inexplicable thing that is within us all, the undying flame that transcends our wounds and sufferings..."

Brandon Chane had always seen life through the eyes of an outcast, a misfit, a young man at odds with the world and with himself. Now they're calling him a wounded healer; a shamanic Pied Piper for the throngs of alienated youth; a thief of fire.


Fire Thief Reborn

Seven years have passed since Edge of the Known exploded upon the scene, turning the musical world on its head. For founder member Brandon Chane, those years have brought a sense of stability and peace that he seldom knew throughout the mad days of his reckless youth.

Nonetheless, he exists in an uneasy truce with himself. The music still burns inside of him, though he turned his back on it long ago, believing that he'd already delivered his message to the world. When his old mentor, Saul Mason, begins revealing secrets out of his own harrowing past, Brandon hopes he can uncover something there that might reawaken the wild passion of his Muse...


Awaken to the Wilderness

Edge of the Known have emerged from their self-imposed stasis into a climate of musical stagnation and social unrest. The world is hungry for a new vision, and many people look again to the band that once brought it to them with passion and fury.

But as Brandon Chane leaps into his most grueling tour jaunt to date, alongside his group of soul-brothers, he questions, more and more, whether it is the creative or the destructive power of Dionysus that he has just unleashed.


The Gospel of Tommy Visconti

Edge of the Known conquered the musical landscape twice within a decade. Both times, the public eye was fixed firmly on the band's mercurial genius, singer/guitarist Brandon Chane. But Brandon himself admitted, "I never would've seen the inside of a recording studio if not for Tommy Visconti."

Here Tommy recounts the tumultuous journey that finally made him equal creative partner within a band whose cultural impact has never been surpassed - and whose message has stood as a beacon of hope and inspiration for millions.