The Inner World of the Unconscious: Source of ‘Miracles’

The abundance that may come into our lives, and the seeming miracles and unforeseen solutions, have their source in the inner world of the unconscious.

About five years ago I had a dream that explored the reality of miracles. A family had made a deal with the mafia, and because of this they had to convert a certain ramshackle warehouse space into a restaurant by Christmas morning.

The place was still a complete mess; the appointed time was fast approaching, and they’d already received threats.

As they were walking home on a snowy Christmas eve the mother says, without much hope, “We have to be open for business in the morning.”

When they got to the warehouse, Santa Claus landed on the roof in his sleigh, and I realized (as the silent onlooker in the dream drama) that he and his elves had arrived to convert the space overnight.

Support from the Inner World

I was reminded at once of the “thousand unseen helping hands” that mythologist Joseph Campbell talked about; the supernatural aid that shows up so often in the old myths and fairy tales.

The world that we know arises (or manifests) from the same place. I use the present tense because its creation is not finished: it is happening in this moment. This contradicts most of the popular religious and scientific stories regarding our origins.

Most of us have been touched by the miracles of this source at least a few times in our lives, but such incidents often go unrecognized because we learn not to be aware of them. We’re taught to believe in a mechanical universe – one without inner meaning or significance – and when we accept that view of reality we start disbelieving in miracles.

Dream Reminders

The two ideas cannot coexist. Every night our dreams appeal to us, trying to remind us of the magic and wonder that is the real source of our being. They try to get us to trust that inner unconscious source.

This takes some doing, as it goes against the grain of virtually all of the other assumptions about reality that we’re confronted with from a very young age. This is part of what makes inner work an ongoing process: So many old and limiting beliefs have to be dissolved in order to create space in our minds for new revelations and insights.

Ultimately, the inner world, accessible through our dreams, intuitions and even our waking fantasies, can show us how to seed our hopes and desires upon our inner landscape so that these things can come to fruition in our outer lives. We can be in communication with the inner source of abundance.

It is a part of us and we are a part of it.

In the novel Trust in the Unseen, narrator Brandon Chane at one point reveals how he and his bandmates were inspired with that particular title (which they bequeathed upon their second record):

Well, all the shared enthusiasm that’d been stirred up at the rehearsal spilled over into new conversations, which eventually resulted in a final title change for our mini-album. Tommy initiated the process, speculating about all the coincidences in our lives that are really too uncanny to even be called coincidences.

Then I voiced an idea that Saul had put forth to me, one that I’d now struggled for a couple of years to try and accept: Our experiences don’t actually come to us from the world at all but are really woven from within us. Consciousness comes first, in all things. The world as it is perceived is essentially a mirror for the inner state of the perceiver.

Messages from the Unconscious (Our Inner Radio Tower)

The messages that we receive from our unconscious can be trusted and followed because they arise from a place within us that is much more far-seeing than our waking minds.

I once dreamed that my son and I were exploring a big city, maybe Philadelphia or New York. We were somehow on a high vantage point, because I was looking at even the tallest towers and buildings from above. I wanted to send a message to a woman who was somewhere out there in that vast sea of lights.

I held a long, thick cord of iron. I had the idea that I could wrap it around the statue that’s atop the tallest building to secure it, drape it down from there, and thereby transform the structure into a radio tower – much like those old radio kits where you could get reception using nothing more than copper wire coiled around a cardboard tube. I hoped in this way to be able to send my message.

Communications Between the Inner and Outer Worlds

Shortly after I had this dream I was reading from one of Jane Robert’s ‘Seth’ books, The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, about the (really unfathomable) network of connections that the unconscious inner self sits at the heart of.

These myriad exchanges (the likes of which would boggle our rational minds) keep us so perfectly poised as we are in space and time – a feat that involves miraculous communications and cooperation between even the very atoms and molecules.

Basically, the unconscious portion of the self is aware of all of the movements of the manifest world, from massive historic world events to the deaths and births of the slightest cells. It is attuned to every part of physical reality, and also serves as a bridge between that reality and the underlying, inner source of everything.

Messages with Practical Applications

I must have been somehow presciently aware of this material, because a few months back, in the heart of a difficult and seemingly-never-ending winter, I decided that the movements of the world in this age, and my own place in the midst of it all, was beyond anything that I could logically grapple with.

I was often in a state of fear, abetted by many factors, The picture of the modern world looked precarious and hopeless.

I began giving my concerns over to my unconscious inner self every night before I went to bed. I’d just acknowledge, “this is beyond me” – ‘me’ being my surface-attuned ego self, my conscious identity – and ask for guidance.

I was intuiting what I would later read about in Jane Roberts’ book: That the inner wellspring from which my dreams spring is not unconscious but actually supremely consciousaware of the larger entities of life and the world situation in a way that my reasoning mind could never hope to keep up with. I decided to put my trust in that, as fully as possible.

Dream Guidance

One of the first dreams that I received after beginning this “ritual” took place in the house I grew up in. I was looking out the window in the stairwell room. There was a lizard climbing up the glass.

I don’t remember the actual name of this species, but (and I’m relating this in the “real life world of facts”, now) it possesses a defense mechanism whereby, when a predator is near, it puffs itself up to appear twice its normal size and fans its head-crest out. It puts on a fearsome display – which is all show, as it has no venom and its bite is harmless.

The lizard in my dream carried out a similar charade of mock-ferociousness, at one point expanding to the extent that it covered the entire window.

Even while I was dreaming I got the point of this motif: My unconscious self was assuring me that my fears were a bunch of hot air, blown out of all proportion, and should be seen as such.

This deepened my sense that I was on the right path with this, putting my faith in the messages from within and having the humility to admit that sometimes my waking brain can’t grapple with all of the factors that are in play beneath the surface of any given event, whether it’s personal or worldly.