Written in Fire

{Recited over the dance of flames, the lyrics to a song featured in the third book of The Edge of the Known series. Brandon Chane gave the song the title “Damp Kindling”.}


It was all writ in


but the ashes

obscure the runes

and yet they nourish the

next life-cycle of

lilies over

the tombs


The air is

inspiration; but the

breath is

quickly spent

and can’t convey

the throat’s hoarse

cry, nor

what the singer meant


I’ve sought wisdom in

the flames

but now my pyre

burns too slow


Life, you’ve got to

open your arms

or else just

let me go

Humanity Wets Its Toes

Night assures her that
promises were kept between
mind and soul

Morning evaporates the
dew of the dream from the
seeker’s brow


But this is not
It is the shaping of
new worlds that must begin in
partial blindness

Fall into the well that
birthed you
The waters your wish-thoughts
expelled for a womb

No swimmer here a
stranger; no gate-crashing

But countless loves drowned,
submerged or breaking
surface with

And tickling fish bring
stray senses back to
a finite world between the

More amphibious women
and men

More volunteer deep-sea

Roads down to the
water’s edge begin