The Academy of Reality Creation

Several times now I’ve dreamed that I’m attending a kind of “reality creation” school or academy. The most recent one took place in a setting that mirrored, in waking life, my ninth grade biology class.

This is where I was first confronted with such ideas as ‘the accidental creation of the universe’; the ‘fact’ that emotions and thoughts were mere by-products of chemical and electromagnetic activity in the brain; where dissection was taught as a method of “seeing what made something live.” And so on.

It was significant, then, that in the dream the “chalkboard” (which resembled the outlay of an online forum, projected onto a wide canvas screen) was set against the back wall. All of the seats were turned to face in this direction. The new conceptions that we were learning, about ourselves and the nature of reality, were turned the opposite way from that of the class I’d once attended in waking life. I chuckled a little at the brilliant aptness of this motif even as I was writing the dream down…

Dreams, and the Reminder that We Create Our Reality

As we adapt to the outer reality that surrounds us, we lose the sense (which all children possess to some extent or another) that we are the creators of our reality. The outside world, which was meant to serve as our mirror, becomes instead a picture of disconnected sensations and events that seem to be thrust upon us.

From the moment we first learn to use our eyes to distinguish shapes and colors, and our ears to distinguish sounds, our inner reality becomes more and more camouflaged within the events and objects of the outer world. We learn to react to the world “out there” and, in the process, separate our personal experience from it.

This may not have been true for all peoples/cultures in Earth’s history, but it is definitely true of our modern society.

Lost Sense of Personal Power

And when we no longer feel our personal power as the creators of our lives we lose something that’s crucial to the fulfillment and happiness of every human being. Our dreams work to reawaken this sense of personal power. Part of their function is to remind us that we’re not only physical creatures; our reality encompasses dimensions that are not bound to the world. And it is on this level that we form what we then experience.

In other words, our dreams can show us the inner blueprints that we’ve been using to create our reality. Also, our dreams can draft new plans, suggesting changes in areas where we’re suffering and feeling confined.

They can graphically illustrate not only the picture of our present limitations and challenges but also the picture of what our lives could look like if we believed differently about ourselves and the nature of reality.

It would be easy for us to lose our sense of wonder if we didn’t ever dream.

And our dreams have to battle a lot in order to do their job of reminding us. An ordinary state of consciousness (and this is mainly due to the cultural beliefs that are prevalent in our time) can paint a very sterile and grey picture of reality.

Dream Awareness

Your dreaming self knows why you came into this world. And it remembers the world you left behind. The soul never forgets. In a movie we may see aspects of the plot that the characters themselves – who exist within the story – cannot see.

In a similar way, we can grasp the cinematic sweep of our life’s journey when we tune in to our dreams. Interpreting our dreams for ourselves, we witness the wider story arc. Our dreams remind us of the forgotten places within ourselves, the potentials that we’ve learned not to believe in.

Oftentimes we are too entrenched in the trials and tribulations of our waking lives to carry this sense with us when we have nothing but the physical world to provide us with feedback. The dream journey brings us to the place where miracles reside – where we can experience our true identity as magical beings.

Messages from the Unconscious (Our Inner Radio Tower)

The messages that we receive from our unconscious can be trusted and followed because they arise from a place within us that is much more far-seeing than our waking minds.

I once dreamed that my son and I were exploring a big city, maybe Philadelphia or New York. We were somehow on a high vantage point, because I was looking at even the tallest towers and buildings from above. I wanted to send a message to a woman who was somewhere out there in that vast sea of lights.

I held a long, thick cord of iron. I had the idea that I could wrap it around the statue that’s atop the tallest building to secure it, drape it down from there, and thereby transform the structure into a radio tower – much like those old radio kits where you could get reception using nothing more than copper wire coiled around a cardboard tube. I hoped in this way to be able to send my message.

Communications Between the Inner and Outer Worlds

Shortly after I had this dream I was reading from one of Jane Robert’s ‘Seth’ books, The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, about the (really unfathomable) network of connections that the unconscious inner self sits at the heart of.

These myriad exchanges (the likes of which would boggle our rational minds) keep us so perfectly poised as we are in space and time – a feat that involves miraculous communications and cooperation between even the very atoms and molecules.

Basically, the unconscious portion of the self is aware of all of the movements of the manifest world, from massive historic world events to the deaths and births of the slightest cells. It is attuned to every part of physical reality, and also serves as a bridge between that reality and the underlying, inner source of everything.

Messages with Practical Applications

I must have been somehow presciently aware of this material, because a few months back, in the heart of a difficult and seemingly-never-ending winter, I decided that the movements of the world in this age, and my own place in the midst of it all, was beyond anything that I could logically grapple with.

I was often in a state of fear, abetted by many factors, The picture of the modern world looked precarious and hopeless.

I began giving my concerns over to my unconscious inner self every night before I went to bed. I’d just acknowledge, “this is beyond me” – ‘me’ being my surface-attuned ego self, my conscious identity – and ask for guidance.

I was intuiting what I would later read about in Jane Roberts’ book: That the inner wellspring from which my dreams spring is not unconscious but actually supremely consciousaware of the larger entities of life and the world situation in a way that my reasoning mind could never hope to keep up with. I decided to put my trust in that, as fully as possible.

Dream Guidance

One of the first dreams that I received after beginning this “ritual” took place in the house I grew up in. I was looking out the window in the stairwell room. There was a lizard climbing up the glass.

I don’t remember the actual name of this species, but (and I’m relating this in the “real life world of facts”, now) it possesses a defense mechanism whereby, when a predator is near, it puffs itself up to appear twice its normal size and fans its head-crest out. It puts on a fearsome display – which is all show, as it has no venom and its bite is harmless.

The lizard in my dream carried out a similar charade of mock-ferociousness, at one point expanding to the extent that it covered the entire window.

Even while I was dreaming I got the point of this motif: My unconscious self was assuring me that my fears were a bunch of hot air, blown out of all proportion, and should be seen as such.

This deepened my sense that I was on the right path with this, putting my faith in the messages from within and having the humility to admit that sometimes my waking brain can’t grapple with all of the factors that are in play beneath the surface of any given event, whether it’s personal or worldly.