Mystic Waters of the Depths

Some of my most spacious experiences of consciousness have occurred in the wake of water dreams, particularly dreams of being underwater and breathing. There is something about the depths of waters that slows the mind to a mystic rhythm where it can feel the essence of things.

Thoughts bubble up more slowly, but there is deeper surety to them. The insights can be trusted. They hearken from a place that touches upon endless shores.

Water is such an enduring metaphor for creativity. Inspiration "flows" or "dries up". We talk about the stream of consciousness. Consider the life of a beaver, an entire existence centered around relationship to a river. That's some powerful Zen.

Psyche's Essence is Motion

We lack conscious knowledge of these places, so the picture it gives us… there’s much greater scope and breadth; the watery depths of the psyche know all the variables that are in play, much like dreams themselves do.

So many people feel constricted by the walls created by their own conceptions of themselves and of life. The inner psyche in its wisdom knows that what we so often call stability is really a kind of death.

The eternal flow of the river shows us the nature of psyche’s essence in movement. The same name sticks to a phenomenon that is never composed of the same waters, the same elements.

We can say this as well of the ever-changing psyche. We look at the shape, the contours, and proclaim it a “thing” with definite boundaries and characteristics; we give it this name, though it is never the same from one moment to the next.

Dreams and Trust

Dreams encourage a flexibility of mind that is conducive to appreciating its ever-changing nature. “When are we ever finished?” Saul challenges Brandon. “When comes the time when our growth and unfolding is all said and done?”

I’m coming upon the mysticism of the word again, pulled down to the spacious place by the waters of the depths. The mind can be allowed to run like the mystic waters do; not cling to its banks; trust the rock-bed that upholds it, and roll on and on.

Clinging is born from a belief that we’re at the mercy of a world that is somehow separate from ourselves. This is the essence of doubt. To come to know the world through knowing our own minds profits us much more.

Maybe it’s that the spacious mind – which I have likened to the depths of the waters - feels the essence of events before, or during, their formation; and so it is here that its surety comes from.

It knows the forms taken by energy as it molds events in time. It is on this level that predictions can be made, that safety can be felt (even by the ego, if it is willing to listen to these assurances from the dream depths) when the world seems to be in chaos.

Reassurances from the Depths

And maybe tragedy can be more easily borne, too, because on this level we understand the reasons – the inner reasons – for our own participation in it.

As Brandon reflects in Humanity's Way Forward, in the wake of his father's funeral:

What benefit could any Entity derive from people mourning over one of its discarded shells? But then, funerals aren't really for the dead but rather for the living. They're part of an attempt to structure a story that's largely incomprehensible to our intellects but perfectly understood by the deeper places in ourselves.