The Academy of Reality Creation

Several times now I’ve dreamed that I’m attending a kind of “reality creation” school or academy. The most recent one took place in a setting that mirrored, in waking life, my ninth grade biology class.

This is where I was first confronted with such ideas as ‘the accidental creation of the universe’; the ‘fact’ that emotions and thoughts were mere by-products of chemical and electromagnetic activity in the brain; where dissection was taught as a method of “seeing what made something live.” And so on.

It was significant, then, that in the dream the “chalkboard” (which resembled the outlay of an online forum, projected onto a wide canvas screen) was set against the back wall. All of the seats were turned to face in this direction. The new conceptions that we were learning, about ourselves and the nature of reality, were turned the opposite way from that of the class I’d once attended in waking life. I chuckled a little at the brilliant aptness of this motif even as I was writing the dream down…