The Love of the Unconscious, Inner Self

No doubt we often struggle to trust one another on this planet. But we seem to experience as much difficulty with trusting our own inner depths. The unconscious, inner self - assuming that we even believe in it at all - can seem like an enemy as often as it does an ally.

Seldom is it perceived as a source of love and support.

Modern Psychology and Humanity's Self-Image

We certainly haven't been taught to trust it. Ever since Sigmund Freud's psychological theories became popular, modern humanity has seen itself as walking around with a very unruly under-story of its own consciousness that contained little more than repressed emotion and 'animalistic' (i.e., 'savage') instincts.

Freud's conception has had as profound an impact upon our cultural thinking as Darwin's theories; and in many ways, it has been just as detrimental to the way that we see ourselves.

Beliefs that Create Blinders

If we believe that our consciousness is constantly besieged by hostile forces 'beneath' it, that we're engaged on some kind of tooth-and-claw competition with each other here on this Earth, that nature is both remote and indifferent... then how can we conceive of our own inner nature as something innately good?

Our conception of love itself can then be reduced to a mere idea that we invented to comfort ourselves in an essentially cold and meaningless universe.

Our beliefs blind us to the reality that the force of love underlies everything in Creation; moving it, growing it, spurring it on to express its unique nature with all the time in Eternity and every kind of support available to it.

Imagine the ways in which the picture of our world could be transformed if humanity, by and large, believed in the love of the 'unconscious' inner self as much as it now believes in a threatening Unconscious and an indifferent Nature.

In the meantime, our distrust can lure us into doubting the guidance of our dreams, the whispers of our intuitive voices - basically, all the support that we could receive from a deeper part of ourselves that is so much more aware and far-seeing than the 'selves' that we consciously identify with.

Seen Through the Eyes of Love...

The inner self is forever loving and infinitely creative. It never gives up on us, not even when we may give up on ourselves. The unconscious inner self is the source of our being, and the essence of our being is love.

We are born out of the exuberance of that inner light which, in its unbounded love of all creative possibilities, generates the endless forms that exist within all Creation so that each may explore their potentials and realize their deepest longings, fulfill the promise of their birth.

Ideas of an accidental universe, of a threatening unconscious, of an unfeeling natural world, camouflage our deep knowledge of this truth and force us to exist in a reality where this boundless love seems not to be.

It's not that the world teaches us to believe in this way; it's that our beliefs teach us to perceive such a world. We can believe differently, and thus enter into a different world, one that more faithfully reflects the loving consciousness that birthed us and, even now, upholds us in every moment.